In 2015 our rope production facility caught fire destroying our inventory and equipment. We have worked tirelessly ever since to rebuild our factory from the ground up and offer you not just the quality you have come to expect, but to create an even better product. 

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November 30


A fire started around 4:00 a.m. destroying our entire 70,000-square-foot rope manufacturing facility and inventory despite the best efforts of nearly 50 firefighters. It goes on record as one of the largest structure fires in Hood County’s history.




Out of the Ashes, Rebuilding Begins

As the ashes still smolder, formal rebuild plans are drafted.

Our Employees are Family

An emergency meeting is held regarding our 74 production facility employees. Employees are informed Equibrand will continue to pay their wages throughout the rebuild process and their jobs will be held until work becomes available.

Mass Cleanup Began

The process of removing thousands of square feet of ash, melted ropes, wax and tangled metal begins. The weather in Texas yielded a rainy and difficult environment that extended this process longer than expected




Cause Undetermined

After a thorough investigation from the Hood County Fire Marshall and Inspectors, the result of what started the devastating fire is deemed inconclusive.

“We are humbled by the ourpouring of support from our customers and industry partners. We understand our responsibilty is to exceed expectation.”

Ken Bray, CEO of Equibrand

String Production Commences

Expansions and renovations are made to the only adjacent warehouse that did not burn in the fire. It is constructed into a temporary manufacturing facility for fiber and string production.




Plans Set to Be Better than Before

Our fabrication team designs and begins building the first, and only ones of its kind rope machines. 


MARCH 2016


Rope Machines Completed

Down from our original count of eight machines, two are in, plus one wax pot and one stretcher.


APRIL 2016

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“My rope of choice has always been a Rattler GT4. In my opinion, nothing compares. You can imagine my concern when the rope company that I have been successful with was destroyed. But, I'm delighted to say that they not only feel the same, somehow they made them feel better. I didn’t think that was possible, but it happened”

Walt Woodard, 2x World Champion Heeler

First Heat and GT4 Prototypes Ready to Test

A select few of key professionals receive their first prototype of the Classic Heat and Rattler GT4 test ropes to practice and compete with. The string and rope manufacturing team is excited about the product and the feedback they receive.

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“When I heard about the fire, I immediately thought what am I going to do? Several months went by before I got a test rope. It had the same body, fast feel, tighter twist and it was snappy around the horns. Man! I’m glad Classic is back!”

Turtle Powell, World Champion Header


JUNE 2016

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Limited Shipments to Retail Partners Begin

In order to be fair to all of our retail partners and their loyal customers, who have been graciously patient through the rebuild process thus far, quantities will be limited at time of purchase. Only Heats and GT4s are being produced at this time, and at a limited quantity..

JULY 2016

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We Are Now Making Strings

Rattler calf strings are now tested and perfected! White Racers in Blue, Black & Purple Eyes, in select lays, and at limited quantities are available to stores. Goat strings are also available. This includes all lays of Goat Strings and Boy’s Goat Strings in assorted colors.  



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Spydr5® is back!

Our newest machines are perfected, making it possible to produce the only 5-strand rope in the industry. They have been tested and approved by key professionals and our manufacturing team. Limited quantities of Spydr5 are now available.


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Adding 2 More Popular Ropes

We are proud to announce our October Surprise! Just in time for all the big fall roping events, Heat Heel Ropes and GT4 Head Ropes are now shipping to stores.  

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Going to the Xtreme!

Starting from the ground up meant we had to prioritize what ropes to make and when. Naturally kid ropes didn’t make the first couple of cuts. But now we are officially proud to say our favorite popular four-strand kid rope is back! In an assortment of colors, the Xtreme is durable and easy to handle. Adults and kids alike can’t resist the Xtreme feel!

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Closer to Restoration

We have been working tirelessly to build more machines and expand rope inventory and we are proud to say the day has come and we can release three more of our most popular ropes: the Powerline Lite, NV4, Radar, and XR4 Lite. It has been a long time coming, but we are confident these ropes feel better than ever and ready for you to win with. Quantities and lays will be limited.

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Powerline Lite®

The Powerline Lite has been the rope of choice of professionals Derrick Begay and more recently Junior Nogeuira and is known for its smooth, fast feel that has accuracy and control.  

XR4 Lite®

The XR4 was our first four strand team rope with a core and it has since been a best seller. The modified XR4 Lite’s straight nylon core makes it the most forgiving rope on the market and is the common choice for professionals Shay Carroll and recent Canadian Finals Champion, Russell Cardoza. We will see both of these heelers at the 2016 NFR.

Speed with the NV4™

The NV4 blended of two nylons fused with a high intensity poly makes for a rope with speed and snap. The NV4 is the rope of choice for 2016 BFI Champion and NFR qualifier Wesley Thorp and 13x NFR Qualifier Cory Petska  

Radar4™ is on Target

The Radar4 is a four strand lighter in diameter, with stability and control ideal for aggressive ropers. Great tip feel and accelerated tip action ensure a high percentage of catches.

Red Racer™ Strings

The Red Racer string has been perfected and tested and is now available to go to stores for purchase! The Racer Strings are 100% nylon coated with a special formulated wax making the string fast and snappy with a great feel. 

White Racer Red Eye® Strings

The white racer with the red eye is the only piggin string that comes in the XSm lay and is 3/16” in diameter. A special process ensures each eye is just the right size and will not turn. Hand sewn rawhide burners provide speed and smoothness.

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January 2017

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After a year of hard work and perseverance, we are proud to say that we will be expanding our inventory to complete our rope line. The MoneyMaker®, Classic Gold®, XR4®, GT4®, Striker, Viper, Jr. MoneyMaker, Zoom, and RK4 are now back in production. Quantities are limited, but we are working tirelessly to get inventory built back up! We want to thank our employees for their countless hours of hard work in the restoration process and our customers and dealers for the utmost patience and loyalty.

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We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers and dealers for your support and patience during this process.
We could not succeed with out you.